I am interested in how humans build things, together. In broad terms, my research explores how people imagine and navigate human differences, how people collaborate and build change across lines of meaningful difference, and how  people understand and become engaged with different causes. I explore these questions in relation to a range of pressing social issues, ranging from climate change to institutional racism, to to inclusive urban space, to the rights of older people. I have published both in the academic and popular press, given talks, run training and worked as a consultant for local and global non-profits. I aim to produce work that is critical, empowering and practical, enabling communities and organizations to push for change, or to find new ways of living and operating.

You can watch a short interview about my work here.

One Comment

  1. Farhan, this is an article that is challenging, hopeful, and useful. I find it relevant to the work at the Stop Bullying Coalition and to the Massachusetts state (USA) Commission on Bullying. We address the problem of bullying and mobbing of elderly and disabled persons living in public housing, I think you would call them “estates.” What you write about different modes of interaction among a diverse population in the public space of a multicultural, multiethnic urban community is echoed on the negative side in the public spaces of housing. Here, people of highly diverse backgrounds and cultures find themselves in housing where they are expected to use public or common areas fairly. However, one of the widely prevalent problems is that small groups will take over control of favored common spaces, and use various social and psychological tactics to punish any rivals, and seek to get rid of people they label as “different, bad, they don’t belong here, etc.” I have recommended your article to our readers. http://StopBullyingCoalition.org



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