Crop 1.JPGHaving trained as a social anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, I am now working in human geography at Oxford. My interests are wide-ranging, and include migration and diversity, care practices, urban spaces, and questions of how we understand and connect with other humans. I have published both in the academic and popular press, given talks, training and worked as a consultant for local and global non-profits.

Currently, I work on a project looking at the impact of austerity on new parents in Oxford. We hope to trace the ways in which care practices are deeply entangled with the state, space and place and the ways in which we move through our lives. You can learn more about it at www.oxfordnewparents.com. My PhD looked at formal and informal community groups in the London neighbourhood of Kilburn. Kilburn is an incredibly diverse area. I was interested in uncovering what aspects of this diversity actually mattered to people in their daily lives, and how they attempted to build different forms of community with regards to such diversity.

Alongside my research, I work to put my ideas into practice. I have worked for large, international organisations, from the World Bank to Oxfam, and for small local charities alike. I aim to produce work that is critical, empowering and practical, enabling communities and organisations to push for change, or to find new ways of living and operating.

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