Current Research

I currently work at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, conducting research on community organizing in the UK. I work to understand how common values and forms of understanding are forged between diverse groups, how these are turned into a source of political power, and how differences and diversity are remade in this process. My research is wide ranging, working with community organizers, local community and activist groups, politicians and many others.

Your contribution will always remain anonymous in any publication or media related to this project. If you have taken part in this research, you have the right to withdraw any statement, or your whole contribution, at any stage prior to publication, by contacting me.

To learn more about how I anonymize material, see here.

On top of my current research, I continue to write about the impact of austerity on first time parents in the city of Oxford, in collaboration with Dr Jennie Middleton, and about the diverse understandings and experiences of community in the London neighborhood of Kilburn.